After travelling around the world, I’ve become a smart puppy traveller and I can share it with you! I use these services and I recommend you them:

WeSwap: Prepaid MasterCard with very low fees on currency interchange.

WeSwap is a way to change your money into foreign currency easily and way more cheap than you current bank can offer you!

Maybe it can save you some money in your next travel! And even more, you don’t have to use your own credit card in strange places.

AIRBNB: Where to stay on your next travels.

In my travels I combine Hostels with AirBnB rooms or entire houses. I love to discover people’s houses from around the world! In my Instagram sometimes I post that places 🙂

If you try one or both of these services with my link provided, we will do a win-win because you will get some credit in both of them and… me too 😉


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